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Reaching Out

I recently joined a depression support group on Facebook. And I actually made a post! That is huge, seeing as it’s been the better part of a year since I’ve posted on my own Facebook profile. (Depression Voice: Why would anyone care to hear about my life?)

I was nervous at first. Regretted sending the post as soon as I hit the button. Wasn’t sure anyone would respond. But they did! I was pleasantly surprised at how others jumped in to comment on my post. It was so nice to have other people- albeit strangers- rooting for me and taking time out of their day to care. It made me feel less invisible.

I read some of the other posts and wish I could help them all. My heart bleeds for them as I understand how they feel. I wish I could do so much more for them. But all we have is this screen and a snapshot of their world.

The comfort of strangers can be just enough to help someone along. I hope I can change someone’s day for the better.

Maybe this world isn’t all bad, after all.


Have you found yourself a support group?? Tell me about it.


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